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Easter Day

Easter Day is a Christian holy day where the miracle of Jesus' resurrection and the sacrifice he made for our sins are remembered.

Even if you aren't a Christian, you can still enjoy a great brunch at the following restaurants that thought he was at least worth menu space.

Future Easter Dates (Sunday):

2011: April 24
2012: April 8
2013: March 31
2014: April 20
2015: April 5

Tampa is a thriving city with balmy weather and lots to do. Tampa is rated sixth on Maxim's list of party cities, and popular nightlife spots are Channelside and SoHo. The Ybor city district contains several historical buildings and museums, such as the Cigar Museum. If you're looking for something fun for the kids, Tampa has the only IMAX theatre with an enclosed dome in Florida. There is also a Busch Gardens, which is very popular with tourists. One of the biggest events in Tampa is the Gasparilla Pirate Festival, which showcases a mock pirate invasion.

2500 W. Azeele Street
Tampa, FL 33609 (map)
$6 - $17
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(813) 248-4000
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1919 E. 7th Ave
Tampa, FL 33605 (map)
$6 - $14
(no ratings yet, click here and vote!)
(813) 831-4694
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3225 South MacDill Ave
Tampa, FL 33629 (map)
$6 - $10
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(813) 207-6815
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2900 Bayport Dr
Tampa, FL 33607 (map)
$28 - $45
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(813) 253-0222
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420 W Kennedy Blvd
Tampa, FL 33606 (map)
$9 - $18
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(813) 277-0112
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601 South Harbour Island Boule
Tampa, FL 33602 (map)
$11 - $20
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Wake up to brunch in Tampa, FL.

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