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Melding Breakfast and Lunch for All

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Crumpets Restaurant and Bakery
3920 Harry Wurzbach Road
San Antonio, TX 78209 (map)

(210) 821-5600
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$11 - $27
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TBG’s Description
Crumpets has fantastic landscaping (oak trees, ponds, waterfalls), so be sure to eat outside if the weather permits. The staff certainly know what they're doing, seeing as I was served very quickly and enjoyed the brunch dish they had suggested.

I enjoyed their Shrimp Salad, which is
Canadian Shrimp tossed in a Light Dressing Served on a Bed of Sprouts with Hardboiled Egg, Tomato and a Pickle Slice.
They also have an option to get a complete 5-course Sunday Brunch, although you only have two entree selections to choose from. (It is a great deal, though, and gives you a great taste of everything they have to offer.)

They allow dogs on the patio.
Brunch Time (Hours)
Sunday: 11am-3pm
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Wake up to brunch in San Antonio, TX.

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