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2010 Jun 09
Egg-n-Toast Surprise

Oh whenever, just do it!

1) Get Ham—in chunks, slices, dices—whatever fits your mood
2) Cut up some onion in a similar fashion as the ham, but only about half as much
3) Sauté them together in a wee bit of oil (just about any kind works, canola is pretty tasty though) over medium heat, stirring gently and occasionally.
4) Sprinkle with some salt/pepper/favorite seasonings
5) Toast and lightly butter a piece of bread
4) Fry up an egg or two—I like mine over easy and lightly smooshed*
6) Assemble: toast, then ham+onion (surprise), then egg. Drizzle with hot sauce, kaboom!!

* Smooshing an egg is an advanced technique that I made up that will only work with a ton of practice. After flipping an egg over easy, give it a few seconds to form a protective barrier and ever so gently smoosh the yolk to spread it inside that protective envelope. You'll need to use the bottom of your spatula and go in a VERY GENTLE angular pressing. The goal is to exert just enough pressure to make that yolk break its thin membrane but not exit the sealing white. With good spatula work, you'll feel it break—give it a few more moments and it's ready, you're not trying to fully cook it, just spread that warm yellow yumminess across a wider area. This is a challenging technique and will require a ton of practice to get it right—don't smoosh hard!!!!

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