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2012 Jan 17
Super Steak Omelet Deluxe

Welcome to the first in our series of awesome home-made brunch recipes.  Those others were good, these are going to be better!  Congratulations go out to the San Francisco 49ers (wife's team)—this omelet preparation was in honor of their victory and advancement to the NFC Championship in the NFL of USA.
  Here we go. 
  Ingredient List:        makes 2 great omelet presentations
(these are approximations, use more or less to desired hungriness)
2 tbsp.
milk  (1 for each omelet)
2 tbsp.
chopped onion
1/4 cup
diced green pepper
1/4 cup
sliced mushrooms
8 1" slices sharp cheddar cheese (or Jack, Pepper Jack, Colby, shredded, whatever)
  1/2 cup
pre-cooked steak, sliced into 1" pieces
  a few grinds
of black pepper
  3 tbsp
butter (1 for sautee, 1 for each omelet)
  6 links
  2 big
strawberries, de-stemmed and sliced
  6 slices
orange, thin, no rind

  1. Gather your ingredients together, pre-slice, pre-dice, and pre-chop everything so that you have easy access as needed.  Here
        are some photos of the prepped interior ingredients for the omelets:
        diced peppers, chopped onion, sliced mushrooms, knife
        all ingredients (you can see the foil the leftover steak was in)
        just a "close up" of the leftover KC Strip from the grill last night
  3. Add a tablespoon of butter to the pan you have warming on medium heat
  5. When the butter is melted and starting to bubble, add the peppers and onions to the pan
  7. after those have softened up a little bit (maybe 3-5 minutes), add the mushrooms (trying not to turn them into mini-mushroom bits due to overcooking them)
  9. Pop the sausages into a separate sautee pan, on medium-ish heat.
  11. After the mushrooms have turned slightly softer, add the steak to get them all melding together. I like to add a little more button on the steak side to help enhance their flavor, optional.
  13. Once the steak has warmed up (maybe 2-3 minutes), offload all that to a bowl including any extra buttery juices, being sure to clean little bits off the pan so that it doesn't get a charred bit of something when the egg action is in.
  15. Check the sausages, roll them around the pan some occasionally—you want them to get evenly colored all over, or as close as possible, so it cooks really nicely
  17. Crack a couple eggs into a bowl (I use a cereal-sized bowl), checking for shell bits and that they aren't mutated into chicks already.
  19. Using a fork, scramble the eggs well. The fork helps get extra air into the mix, fluffying it up more.
  21. Add a dibble (1 of the tbsp) of milk to the mixture to enhance its texture, fluffiness, etc.
  23.   Grind a li'l bit of fresh black pepperinto your finished mix.

  25. Pour the eggs into the pan that was pre-heated on medium heat. I forgot to get the just-poured photo. Here's a picture of the just-flipped omelet. Don't want to brown it too much on the one side yet, you'll end up flipping it back to the original side after you cook the other side a little bit.
  27. Flip it back over, place 4 of the cheese slices on one half and add half the steaky filling from the bowl on top of that cheese. You can see that the original side is down and the 2nd side of the omelet has just cooked a little bit.
  29. Carefully fold the non-topped side over on top of the topped side to close the omelet. Do your best to get it just right in half, but it's ok if it's a little off, food isn't all about perfection.
  31. Let this warm up a bit, to melt that bottom cheesy layer. You can carefully flip it back to the other side as wel so the filling warms up fully. After a couple minutes of warming time, flip it back to a nice looking side and carefully put a little shredded cheese on top of the just-flipped side (looks nice, helps melt it).
  33. Let the cheese heat up some and then put it onto the plate. Be creative with the strawberries and oranges. Sorry, no photos of the original slicing, etc. of them. Here's the finished product, ready to be served. Note there's only 2 sausages. One of them was sampled for joyousness.
  35. Enjoy! Happy Omelet Day!

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