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2011 Mar 16
Eggs Benedict

The Eggs Benedict—a glorious name for a glorious tradition.

Commonly seen as a cure for the common hangover, this dish served warm is a common staple of brunch menus across the globe.

While tradition dictates the typical recipe of half an English muffin topped with a slice of ham, followed by a poached egg and topped with a slathering of Hollandaise sauce, restaurants often offer their own variations and flavors by mixing up the core ingredients and substituting them with various alternatives that combine well on your plate.

Some common variations include:

* Crab Cake Benedict—swap the ham for a crab cake
* Smoked Salmon Benedict—swap the ham for a healthy slice of smoked salmon or lox
* Veggie Benedict—swap the ham for sauteed vegetables
* Country Benedict—swap out everything and replace with a biscuit, sausage patty, and country gravy

Several restaurants offer different takes on the bottom layer—exchanging the English muffin with a slice of ciabatta, challah, or even French toast.

The sky is the limit with this core brunch menu item and the presentation can vary just as much as the ingredients—but it all usually falls back to a layered approach with the ingredients as well as flavors.
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