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Running Commentary on Brunch:

2009 Feb 09
Definitely Time for Brunch

Wow. I miss brunch. Brunch was a good and delicious part of life, and it has been a little while.

Well, get your napkins ready, folks, because I am gonna hafta get some brunch this weekend.

Yes, I am a proponent of the Valentine's Day Brunch. A "romantic" tradition that I prefer much more than suffering through the hangover of the night before and having to whip up a worthy thanks-for-the-time-last-night brunch. Usually at around 11am. That's the latest I can possibly stay in bed if the sun is up. If the sun is cancelled for a day, that'd be a guaranteed 24 hour nap.

C'est la vie.

So another review shall be done. Some day, they'll get posted.
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