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Running Commentary on Brunch:

2009 Dec 16
Get in there!

Well whaddaya know!? This month is more like August—in the southern hemisphere at least. Summer in winter. Christmas in July.

It's time for everyone to get registered and start submitting brunches, the input form is ready to go—displaying the good stuff is coming up next.

Planning on a roll-out around the end of December, but what you see is what you get with TBG. Of course, it's like a breakfast buffet and just keeps on getting better with every plate.

Oh, and the official reviewer worksheet is now available online for PDF download. You'll see it when your account is approved.

What Really Matters :: We did brunch in the capital city of the U.S.A., Washington, D.C.. Napoleon's—a really great little French spot in the hum-drum of city streets. They didn't do a buffet, but they had some great creations that mostly qualified. Napoleon's had Omelettes and Steak Sandwiches on the menu at the same time—kind of a prerequisite—but it was very elegant and nicely presented. Even with a few bloody Marys and Mimosas, we made out under 100 for 4 of us. And they'll get you malt vinegar for your fries if you ask the right authorities.

Now get in there and let's build this puppy up.....Thanks!
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